Friday, February 26, 2016

The Excitement Was Killing Me...

So I have a new video camera.  I kinda like it.  It's making the YouTube videos SO much easier and more fun to do.  It has also gotten me back into working on the old channel in addition to the new one.  I've posted a few new recipe videos over the past week on the old channel.  Here's one of them if you would like to take a look:

I'm really hoping to take that channel in a new direction.  Recipes, artwork and book reviews.  That's it.  That's all I want on that channel.  Cooking, art and books.  Three things that I love in life that definitely go together kinda like peas and carrots.
YouTube is an interesting place to visit.  I've discovered that you can find almost ANYTHING on that site.  Including idiots.  One found one of my channels today.  I admit at first I was ticked off.  Then I remembered that the site has a block button.  :)  I've blocked people on other sites before but never on YouTube, until today.
I am going to Periscope this coming week, but not painting.  I ordered a set of watercolor pencils from Amazon this week and they arrived today.  That means I can FINALLY move forward on the dolls that I've been wanting to work on.  Steampunk Barbie and Crossdressing Ken will look amazing when I'm finished with them.  I haven't started on Ken yet and Barbie needs a new face.  All of the ink is gone and she looks... well... hollow.
I was so excited when the pencils arrived!  Can you imagine how silly it is to be excited over pencils?
It's going to be an interesting and fun weekend.  There's SO MUCH to do!  Videos, writing, artwork... I'm so happy that life is just one big art project.  What are your plans for this weekend?
Happy Friday my friends!

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