Disclosure Notice

Ok... According to the FTC, I needed to add this disclosure notice so here we go.

If you click on any links in my blog, chances are I will make some money off of it.  I have affiliate accounts and can possibly benefit from any of your clicks on links from each one of my pages with monetary compensation.

If I ever mention a product or service that has been gifted to me, I will let you know that the company gave it to me for free at the beginning of the post.  I don't foresee doing any type of product reviews on here but since I never know what I'll be writing about until that day comes, I need to tell you that any product links for anything that I mention are in fact affiliate links.

The blog has always been monetized and I'm pretty sure that no one really cared because I never heard any complaints.  Not that it matters, but the money earned from this blog goes toward the cost of chicken feed and dog food.  They're a lot of mouths to feed around here.

So... Hitler, Precious, Charlie, the Turkey trio, Sophie and Spudward say thank you for reading the blog, thank you for any clicks and anything that you purchase as a result of them.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send me an email about it.

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